Newbee TIG questions

Hi Guys,

My first post here, I have been lurking for a while.

I'm new to this welding game, but have had a MIG for a while. I'm ok at getting a reasonable weld, although by your standards it would leave a lot to be desired :)

I'm looking at buying a TIG. I'm into old VW's & over her in the UK they rust. Haven't you got it good in the States? ;-)

What I want to do is mainly replace panels, fabricate up an exhaust system, do some brazing & be able to 'shrink' damaged panels. I have heard that I won't be able to attempt welding Alumininum with my budget which would be around 500 UK pounds.

What should I be looking for in a welder, any recommendations for brands/suppliers etc? Or any things to lookout for if I can find any second hand.

It is for hobby use as opposed to industrial use.

Many thanks Steve

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Hi Steve, Cars rust over here too, The eastern and northern states often use salt on roads which does pretty much what you would expect to cars. I spent a couple of years welding or brazing rusty MG's, Sprites and the occasional Jag.

As far as a TIG welding machine, from your description, it sounds like an oxyacetylene rig would fit in there well in addition to a TIG machine.

For brazing, yes it is possible to braze with TIG, I have done a little bit of it, but it is a much slower and more localized operation than with O/A. Maybe with more practice for me it would be more useful, but to me, TIG brazing is kind of a curiousity type of process.

For shrinking, it seems to me like you need to heat a large area. I have yet to encounter a TIG rosebud.

For your exhaust system, TIG would certainly do a nice job, but then so would O/A fusion welding.

Good Luck, Bob

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