Obsolete Lincoln Idealarc 300/300 tig welder

I'm watching one of these for sale but don't have a Code number.
However, after visiting the Lincoln website it looks like all of these
machines are "obsolete".
The machine is supposedly single phase and can run at 200 or 400
It has a tig torch and cables.
Anybody have any feedback on these machines? I don't need it but it
might go pretty cheap.
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Ive bought and sold a number of these in the last couple years. Pretty decent welder, with 4 ranges, unlike the 3 ranges of the next size down, the Tig 250/250.
They can generally be fixed up easily enough. If the PC board goes..its about $130 to replace it..a bit less to have it rebuilt.
If the transformer goes..its scrap. Depending on the price asked..it may be a damned fine machine, or overpriced damned fine machine.
Ernie is right..caps may be drying out etc. So the price should be cheap, just in case.
A later model had a digital readout instead of dials.
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Two to three hundred bucks, I'd buy it. They're a heck of a machine, honest and hardworking.
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