plans for saddle racks?

I am ready to buy a miller135 (that is big enough for me) and I am planing
on building some saddle racks for horse saddles for starters. Has anyone
drawn out a good set of plans for a 1, 2, and 3 saddle rack?
Then I will get into other things to build.
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Don D
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I was just asked to build a saddle rack to use as a decorative quilt holder. I found plenty of racks to look at on ebay and way cheaper than I could build them for. Especially for quilt holders. Just search ebay. doylesee
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You could shop ebay or go to one of the saddle shops in town, like Charlette's Saddlery. You could take some photos or just buy one, copy it, then take it back.
By the way, Doylsee. I still have not made it by your shop, but I will. I am looking forward to buying some Christmas gifts for clients from you. I am posting this for everyone to see, because he has some cool stuff.
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