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Hello all,

I need to find out what various tanks are made of. Well that is not entirely true, I need to find out what is made out of stainless steel. It must be stainless steel.

I would like to have a tank (for example a fire extinguisher with the top cut off) that is about 2-3" in diameter and about 18-24 inches tall and 1/4" wall thickness.

Can anyone tell me what uses a tank like this that I can find and cut the top off of? I don't know if Fire extinguishers are steel, stainless steel, aluminum or what.

My goal is to find a recycleable material (cheap junk to others) that will fit my needs.

Can anyone help?


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I have never seen a CO2 tank made out of stainless. Aluminum, yes. Ordinary steel, yes.

What about a stairless steel pot, or pressure cooker? Beer Keg?

Dan KIMO wrote:

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I don't think you'll find one, other than if you can find some thick-walled SS pipe and weld on a bottom.

Some of the modern water-filled fire extinguishers are made of stainless (to avoid corrosion), but those are never that small in diameter, and they are thin (100 PSI working).

Stainless thermos bottles have the diameter, but not the length or thickness. That's awfully thick for 2-3" diameter stainless.

Milking machine vacuum line would have the diameter and length, but not the thickness. What do you need/think you need 1/4" wall for?

Virtually all high pressure tanks are made of plain old carbon steel, or occasionally aluminum.

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2" diameter x .25" wall stainless will hydrostatic test somewhere around 10,000 psi depend> Hello all,
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I've seen shell casings from the navy guns at different times in different salvage yards. Not stainless, but I'm sure made of pretty good steel capable of handling a lot of heat and pressure.


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