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Ernie......I'm practicing fillet welds in T's from 14 Gauge .074 mild steel > and

> my bead size is running between .110 to .120. How am I doing for bead size? > I > was told the bead should be the same width as the metal thickness, but .074 > just seems TO DARN SMALL for good strength.

On a fillet weld on 14 ga steel, the bead should be about an 1/8" wide (.125"), so you are fine.

Your amperage should be set at 100 amps.

0.074" = 74 amps + 30% (25 amps) = ~99 amps.

If you can't get the bead to flow at 100 amps then you are too far from the metal.

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Ernie Leimkuhler
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I'm running at Lincoln Invertec205T set @ 78 amps and using a foot pedal, 3/32 Lanthanated, and .035 rod.


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