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I have noticed what seem to be changes in the format of the postings.
1. Noplace to report spam posts, I regard posts telling us about a
specific religion to be "Off Topic" at a mimimum, and most probably
2. Noplace to click to reply to posts.
Am I missing something?
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The appearance of the group seems to have returned to what I consider to be normal. That is I now see places to report spam and to post a reply.
Will someone please inform me as to what is "a proper usenet server and newsreader program". I am using Internet Explorer.
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It's back up and current. [not using it to post this, though]
If you don't need filtering GG is a quick and simple way to read and reply to Usenet posts, when it works. I appreciated newsreader filtering back when displays were smaller, but with 1280x1024 screen resolution I can easily pick out the few posts and authors worth reading.
I initially followed Usenet on a Fat Mac.
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Jim Wilkins

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