Shopmaster 300 AC/DC

Two weeks ago it was looking like I was going to go with a new Lincoln 255XT.
Has been a bumpy ride! Had to take a two day training course as part of my new
day job so while at the Technical College I looked up the welding instructor.
He had a 'line' on some re-furbished XMT 350 CC/CV's. Supposedly half of new...
Obviously did not pan out but that guy sent me to another dealer who after
first trying to up sell me to a new 350 MPa that was *way* over budget, offered
me a deal on a used XMT 304 already set up for heavy aluminum. Original offer
was a Blue welder, Red wire feeder box (I said it has been bumpy!) with an
actual Python push pull gun.
More delays such as my boss being on jury duty, finally got my day off
yesterday. While the 304 base unit was still available, (Python gun was not)
they talked me out of it. Ended up with a Shopmaster 300 AC/DC with an XR
feeder box and gun.
Will no doubt have questions in the weeks to come...
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William Bagwell
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The Shopmaster 300 is a bit of a dinosaur. It was designed 30 years ago for schools that only wanted to buy one power supply for MIG, TIG and Stick, but it isn't very good at any of them.
The repair guys I know hate them because they are so old fashioned inside.
They rarely get sold to shops because new they are incredibly expensive.
As long as you got a good deal, and the machine checks out. Good luck with it.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Thanks for the feed back. I think I got a halfway good deal considering how scarce single phase stuff is around metro Atlanta. I did run a few short test beads on 5/16 cast to 1/2 bar, not the best looking but actually better than the time we were pushing .035 aluminum through a liner previously used for steel wire... Time will tell if I made the right choice.
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William Bagwell

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