soldering "full penetration"?

just out of curiosity, not that i'm planning on doing this, in january's
issue of "wired" magazine, page 097, bullet item #5, quote...
"Narrow steel beams, hidden from view in this photo, do more with less to
hold up over half the weight of the loft upstairs: A soldering technique
called full penetration makes joints 150 percent stronger than a typical
just curious, what's that? how's it done? (i'm guessing it's a
misunderstanding/mis-statement by the article's author)
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William Wixon
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Yikes, that is some bad technical writing. Full Penetration WELDS are standard practice on all structural weld joints.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
IF it was translated from french by someone who doesnt know welding that happens
Brazing welding and soldering are all one word in french "Soudure" which is done By a "Soudeur" when you translate it from french into english it becomes soldering by a solderer
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Brent Philion
Most likely a case of a journalist writing down exactly what the architect told him... :^)
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Kelley Mascher

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