Step Up transformers.

Has anyone tried slaping a big step up transformer (110v source to

220v outlet) to a 220v welder. It seems with a large enough watt rating (between 5000w and 10000w) a step up tranny would enable you to use a 220v single phase welder on a 110v single phase outlet. Now the fact that a 10000w transformer is around $400.0 may make it a bit impractical but a 5000w would work well on the 175mig machines out there and make them much more portable. Thoughts?


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J Milo Train
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The 110V outlet has to be able to supply twice the required current to keep the power the same. If you need 20A at 220V (4800W since voltage is really

240V) then you'll need 40A at 110V neglecting transformer losses.


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Common 110V outlets are either 15 or 20 amps. In general, the circuit they are on is limited to that value as well (by code and common sense).

While there might be such a thing as a 110V outlet rated for 40-80 amps (which is what you need to get 5000-10000W @ 110V) , I doubt that you'll ever find one near where you need to plug in. 220V outlets are much more common than 40 amp 110V outlets.

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