stringer vs weave

Hello all
For positional welds like 3G / 3F - vertical upwards,
how do you choose between stringer-bead and weave?
For those of you working to WPS's (Welding Procedure Specifications),
do the WPS's you meet normally specify?
Recently with E81T-1 (Rutile Flux-Cored Arc Welding), 100%CO2 shield
(as recommended for the consumable), I've preferred stringer-bead for
low heat input therefore toughness and found smoothest surface that
For what it's worth, I found 215A 26.0V good, and I found the more
experienced welders were using that condition anyway (the machines'
voltmeters where all over the place, but put my meter between the
wire-feeder and the plate and that's what you found) - but usually
weaving not stringer.
Rich S
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