lincon 225ac welder has been setting for 4 or 5 years will not turn on .

I have checked all the connections .loosened and tightened all i could find. still no turn on with switch .have fire to the fan and convert but nothing to the leads.

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These are extremely simple, but a VOM meter makes it much easier. Do you have one? BTW - what's a "convert"

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Bob Engelhardt

I'm not familiar with that particular welder but more that once on my Miller when switching to a different current range I hadn't put the lever in the exact position and when I try to weld there is no power. Eric

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I bought a used Lincoln 'Tombstone' AC/DC years ago. It ran fine but on one setting there was no voltage, no arc.Right on my 3/32" Rod setting of course. The big dial was extremely hard to turn so one day I put a 12" Cresent on it and 'exercised' it. All was well after that..the contacts cleaned up and all settings worked..


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