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How do gooks come up with names for their kids? By throwing silverware down the stairs and it goes ping, ching, pong, thats what they name their kids!

LOL and LAFF!!! :-))))))))))

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Peter _ Lucas
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Peter _ Lucas wrote in sci.engr.joining.welding on Sun, 24 Oct 2010 00:38:11 -0700 (PDT):

What alloy is most silverware made from?

Is it weldable?

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Type 302 or "18-8" if you are lucky.

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However I have a stainless turkey kettle from WalMart that developed pits and a pinhole leak after a few years of heating only tapwater for laundry. The water doesn't affect a Faberware kettle.

I use cheap kitchenware as a handy source of stainless sheet and screen but not for anything critical.


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Jim Wilkins

The flatware I've got is stamped 18/10, which seems to be 302 stainless according to Wikipedia. Must be welded carefully due to hot cracking, annealing at around 1800 C is highly recommended.

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