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I am finally breaking down and ordering a box of ER70-2. My local welding
store does not carry anything else (and often doesn't bother to stock
ER70-2!). I wonder if I should get a small quantity of ER70-6. Will it
make much of a difference on the odd occasion when I have to weld something
Also, does silicon bronze come in .045--sizes less than 1/16? I have some
thin stainless to work on.
David Todtman
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David Todtman
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Hard to believe a store doesn't stock ER70S-2. You can order small quantities from
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S-6 does work, but be careful about silica slag deposits on the surface if you are doing a multipass weld.
I wish S-3 hadn't disappeared from the market. It was useful stuff.
If you are ordering from tigdepot.com, go ahead and buy 1 lb. of ER80S-B2. It is great stuff for 4130 chrome-moly, and for TIG welding bandsaw blades.
I have it in 0.045" and 1/16".
BTW the "B" in the S-B2 suffix means it has a little chromium and molybdenum added, hence why it is so good on 4130.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
If you don't use much, why not go for the ER70-6. It has better high silicon and manganese deoxidizer levels, better weld flow out, and higher tolerance for mill scale. -6 is better than -2 on dirty material but neither is any match for a good stick rod like 6011
David Todtman wrote:
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Opps, you said TIG, cancel the last reply!! I was talking about MIG.
RoyJ wrote:
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Thanks for the reply including additional information. I didn't know I wanted those answers too, but I did now that I know.
More questions:
Most useful (compared to S-2) for what? It is listed in the Air Liquide handbook "Welding Processes and Fillers Metals Data Book" (published 1995). I have not talked with Air Liquide so do not know if it is still carried.
This reads as a good idea. I presume the 0.045 is the size for bandsaw blades. Eh?
Finally, I guess you missed my question about silicon bronze. Is it available in .045" spools or cut lengths? While I am at this, I have never heard of MIG brazing. Is there such a process?
Ciao, David
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David Todtman
It was used as a step between S-2 and S-6. More deoxidizers than S-2, but less slag than S-6
0.045" and 0.035" are useful for bandsaw blade welding.
Yes you can get small 2 lb. spoolgun spools of silicon bronze wire for TIG brazing. 0.035" and 0.045" are useful.
I have done a lot of MIG brazing, especially on stainless steel. Less heat distortion than welding and no burn through. I did it with my readywelder to assemble 180 feet of stainles steel railings. Use Argon or Argon/Helium gas.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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