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I need some advice please.

I have an AC oil cooled stick welder and oil cooled rectifier which I want to use for TIG welding, I have the torch and argon and flow meter. The welder does not have a high frequency starter, but I'm in the process of building "Bill's Arcstarter".

In all the reading I have done about TIG welding there are constant warnings about contaminating the tungsten by letting it touch the metal or filler rod. If this is so what happens when using scratch starting on ferrous metals, does this not also contaminate the tungsten? At this stage I have no other way of starting the arc.

Your advice would be appreciated

Regards Greg

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One trick you can use to scratch start a tig torch is keep a bar of copper near the start of your weld. Scratch at the copper bar to start the arc then swing the torch over to your work piece. Wire the bar to a separate lead to prevent a arc jump under the bar from marring your work piece.

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Jim Vrzal Holiday,FL.

Greg Moll> Hi,

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