Welding Injury Statistics

Does anyone know a website with the statistics of welding injuries,
ie. what percentage of welders have an injury related to welding?
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If the industrial insurance ratings say anything, welding is pretty high up there.
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Try this using several parameters.
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Andy Asberry
Most injuries to welders are not directly related to " welding " and would fall into categories like chemical exposures. radiation exposure, muscle strains, falls, etc. Locally we have WCB
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You can pick through the stats tables. Falling trees is a lot more dangerous than underground mining. Go figure. Randy
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Randy Zimmerman
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has more information than any human could possibly wade through. What you're asking is probably impossible, if injuries are broken down by industry, I don't think you will find statistics that further break that down by job title/trade. Welders are going to be in the stats, but I think they will be spread across the spectrum from potatoe chip manufacturing to auto repair to construction to you name it. If you do find stats that pertain to welders as a distinct group, then please make it known as I would be interested for one.
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you might ask the local workmen's comp office. they have tables that break down every known job class and statistically assign the various rates (based directly on reported accidents) by %...
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