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I work at a military tarining site that occasionally gets reappropriated
equipment from other government and military organizations. About once
every other month or so we get a list of available equipment and can choose
what to bring in. We recently got two Hobart TAFA arcspray power units with
feeders but no guns. The power supplies, although they say Hobart on them,
are certainly Miller Dialarc units. Was there a time when Hobart used
Miller equipment? We got two of these setups for use as props in the
training area but if they work they can be brought back into the system and
used. Are the dialarc units worth using? We already have a Millermatic 185
for MIG but a stick power supply would be nice as well. Does the Dialarc
have SMAW capability?
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They have been the same company for about 11 years. Both are owned by ITW. Many machines are shared between the name brands with only a change in paint color.
Miller dialarcs are fine old machines. Hard to kill.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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