Who get the Hazardous Material Fee?

I rent a tank of argon to go with my tig welder.
Every year I pay the rental plus $10 for the
Hazardous Material Fee. I complained once, and got pushed to a higher
level, and the the agent while trying to justify the charge said, we
have about a million of these bottles out, I cut him off and said,
"so you collect $10,000,000 a year in Hazardous Material Fees."
He started back pedaling, all my complaining got me know where.
Who get the Hazardous Material Fee?
Is it a government mandated fee, is it split?
It's Airgas Co.
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I gas I should add, I have had the same tank for 3 years and they keep charging me the Hazardous Material Fee every year.
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Yeah. And since when is Argon a hazardous material? sheesh..
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Phil Kangas
I bought some gloves and they tried to charge me a HazMat fee. When I complained they took it off the bill. When it happened, the company was LinWeld. They were bought out by Matheson. I've only bought CO2 from them since and they did charge me a HazMat fee each time.
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SnA Higgins
Ah, well it costs a lot to clean up a CO2 spill, you know...
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Bill Martin

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