.60 sized Warbird ARF's??

What .60 sized Warbird ARF's are available? And does anyone have any
Thanks, Doug
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Doug Dorton
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Look through a mag. and check the ads. There are lots of them.
For a .60, select one with 525 to 600 square inches wing and not more than 1 pound weight per 100 square inches wing area. Long nose like P-51, and ample tail surfaces like Zero and Mustang. Short nose Zero is fine if you are dam- certain the CG is not aft of 28% of the MAC (mean aerodynamic chord). Aft of 30% and I'll bet you a case of your choice of good drinking whiskey that you will snap it within 5 flights if not the first.
Actually for an RC model, with straight or tapered wing, use the average chord. Example: 12" root chord and 8" at wingtip. Find the point where chord is 10" and measure there. CG Line should be at not more than 2.8" aft of LE at that point. Preferably 2.5" -- 25%. NOT THE MOST PRECISION BUT SAFE TO FLY. (Now there will be 'umpteen engineers and teen agers saying that the above measure isn't correct.) Just my recommendations.
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I like the Hanger 9 Mustang. Four stroke OS 91 or Saito 100, very nice flyer. 60 2 stoke would work well, too.
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John Alt

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