Re: VMAR ARF'S..Pro/Cons

i have a tomahawk almost 2 years. finally got to fly it 2 weeks ago

construction is shoddy & flimsy. i found no real support in the elevater. we neede to put wire braces under it to the fuselage to support it. plasti landing gears both cracked when it refused to take off on grass & hit the weeds & tumbled. it has

61 fx motor in it. we reworked the elevater to give it more lift. hopefully, we'll hav better luck when it stops raining. I WON"T BUY ANOTHER VMAR PLANE ! ! !


-- flbl

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VMar ARFs can be apparently hit-or-miss when it comes to overall construction quality. User comments on RC Universe are all over the map, with some ARFs getting rave reviews while others get knocked for quality issues.

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Ed Paasch

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