A question for the old timers here...

Back in the early 70's I used to be stationed in N.J. at Fort
Mommouth, and I worked for a company called "J & J Enterprises" I think
it was. The company made planes such as "Ed Norba's quarter midget
mustang, the Banshee, the Trouble Maker, and the American Eagle glider.
The company was owned by Earnie Weise (SP). I was just wondering if
this company is still around?
Charly Whitaker
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Charly Whitaker
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The Art Schroeder's Eyeball was also another of their kits. I think the business, like so many of the great kit makers, is long gone.
Red S.
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Red Scholefield
Red, I remember the "Eyeball" as well now that I hear it from you. I loved working there, and flying a lot of control line as well as R/C gliders a lot. The R/C was at an old no longer used airport. I don't remember all the people I flew with, but I do remember a couple from the Sandy Hook area (Arnie and Ingrid Peterson) that were deep off into gliders like I was. The Peterson's, there friends, and I scratch built a lot of gliders. I only wish I could remember the others names. Thanks for the information.
Sincerely Charly
Red Scholefield wrote:
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