Kit Collectors Clearing House (KCC / John Burns) Old timers?

I was thinking yesterday about some of the regulars in John Burns KCC
who I used to buy from regularly in the '70s & 80s, even early '90s &
was wondering what's become of them. I know about Paul Milam
(jetpilotpaul on eBay), I still buy from him some & Jeff Garrity
(RarePlane Detective) is still around. Jeff Roberts is still around
with Combat Models. There was a guy named Steve something, I still
have his card somewhere, & his "Big Set of Kits" with a busty babe
charicature on his card. Lou Maglio, whom I think is still around with
CollectAire Models. Charlie Pace of APC Hobbies fame, has retired &
faded away I guess. A couple of guys I've wondered about, both in NY
state, Richard Trezza & E J Krampert. I talked to these 2 on the phone
a time or 2 back then, long distance even! I bought a lot of stuff
from them over the years. I know John himself moved in with his son or
daughter some time back. KCC was one of those things I waited for
every issue & posted want ads in regularly & I don't think I had but
one deal go bad & that was Galactic Trade Commission screwed me out of
a kit I paid for. Man, just think, nearly everything was done by mail,
paid for by personal check or, Heaven forbid, cold hard cash, sent in
the mail. Sometimes people would send me a kit along with a note on
how much to send them! Once, in the early - mid '80s, somebody sent me
two 1/48 Soviet made kits of a Mil Mi-2 & an Mi-8. All it said was
"Merry Christmas, R. S." The postmark was somewhere in NY. I don't
think I ever found out who the KCC member R. S. was. Those were the
days! So, anyone know about any of these MIAs?
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Wow you really took me back! I was a teen in the 80s and had never heard of KCC, but I was a regular customer of APC hobbies, probably found it through an ad in FSM. APC, Squadron, and a place in Utica NY, the name of which escapes me. I usually paid with a money order but remember overpaying or ordering out of stock items, and getting exact change taped inside the models. Wish I could help on whereabouts, I recognize the name jetpilotpaul from a few ebay deals, and ordered from Charlie Pace right up until he gave it up. And Jeff Garrity seems to be going from strength to strength since he took over for the late, lamented Nostalgic Plastic.
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Hobby King or something like that. I used to occasionally do business with them from time to time myself.
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The Old Man
Hi John, Here's a blast from your past---Me! Milt Smith,in Skokie, IL, here. Checking in after a 15 year AWOL and hoping you are (1) in good health and (2)still involved in the crazy biz of keepi ng up with the state of the art of plastic ship models. I'm at the point of needing to thin out a 600+ kit inventory. I hope you're still publishing the KCC and/or the Value Guide. I have an organized list of all the kits. Of course, there are many on that I'd would rather not par t with, but the right price might convince me to re-join reality.
Anyway, if you have a moment, please let me know about pricing on either or both of these publications, also, if you have a short, free "Hot List" ava ilable for download.
Many thanks, hope to hear from you(by any medium)soon!
Milt Smith
at the address you already have: 10043-C Frontage Rd., Skokie, IL, 60077 or by emule:
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Good luck, this original post is over four years old. Although sometimes ancient posts come back to life, this newsgroup is all but dead.
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I was a subscriber for years and sold alot at hobby shows and through KKC before I switched over to an eBay store. I quit selling kits around 2005.
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