Mail Order catalogs from the early - mid '70s. Looking for.

I've been seeing ads for some shops in old model mags & while
the easiest I've found on eBay are the old "The Squadron". However,
and maybe some of y'all old-timers like me may have some stuff around
you'd like to get rid of. There was an outfit in Ind., IIRC, called
Miniature Aircraft. I dealt with them from the early - mid '70s, I
think theirs was my first MO catalog. Their catalog was a simple,
compact, fairly comprehensive list about the size of a long envelope.
Then there was IHS - Innternational Hobby Supply, from Northridge, Ca.
They're still around & I still deal with them & their wholesale side
as well. Then, there was The Spare Time Shop, somewhere in Ma. (Old
Post Rd. Plaza sounds familiar with it as well). I dealt with them
until the early '80s, until they closed, IIRC. Strangely enough, I
didn't start dealing with Squadron until the early '80s & I still deal
with them & their wholesale side. I joined up with John Burns' late,
great SPESMKC / KCC in the mid '70s & have all of his KCCs from then
'til he hung it up a few years ago. So, if any of y'all have any old
MO catalogs you'd like to part with, or many were nothing more than
photocopied, typed lists anyway, I'd pay for copies. Basically,
anything from about 1970 - 1980, drop me a line off or on list.
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Wish I'd known! I dumped mine about a year ago or so. I had mostly xeroxed sheets from different companies, but one that I remember was Galactic Trade Commission; they dealt in sci-fi and were very expensive, I also had a couple of flyers from Cleveland Model Supply, one signed by the legendary Mr. Packard hisself! Sadly all are not, like Mr. Packard, gone.
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The Old Man
I used to have some from an outfit out in Federal Way, Wash. I believe their name was Scale Craft but I could be wrong. I got my first sets of decals from them as well as the Tamiya 1/72nd Japanese kits that existed then. Unfortunately I found a home for them some time ago.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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William Banaszak
You're correct. The outfit's name was Scale Craft. They offered plans, decals and a lot of the new kits coming out of the orient.
They also had a program (For a chosen few) where they would automatically send you samples of new kits and THEN bill you. I got a lot of the Hasegawa kits that way. I often wondered if everyone was as honest as I was and paid their bills?
Then one day things quit coming and Scale Craft seemingly disappeared from the scene.
Rick Fluke IPMS #772
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