Airfix 1/32 (ish) Saladin from the early '70s?

I recently recieved a few early '70s Airfix Magazines. I was looking
at one yesterday & saw an ad for Airfix's new 1/32 Saladin that was
motorized. First thing I thought was the Tamiya Saladin of similar
vintage. Anyway, apparently this Airfix one is more of a fairly well
detailed toy. It looked pretty good in the one pic but the caption
mentioned it was more for use with toy soldiers & the like but it was
motorized, had a working suspension & moving turret. I immediately
checked eBay & the only Airfix Saladins there are the 1/76 ones, so
they may not be too common. Anyone here familiar with this one?
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I think these were vinyl wargame/toy vehicles and not kits, so could be they put a motor in one for the toy market. Airfix had a lot of irons in the fire at the end of the 1960s and in the early 1970s so could be that is what this item is.
Cookie Sewell
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