Anyone fly today?

I flew my Super Skybolt(GP) today. It has a Zenoah 20ei on it. It ran
better today than it ever has, thanks to some one on one with one of the old
hands at gas(petrol) engines.(thanks Charles) It's a heavy plane and I bet
it could fly scale like if I could fly scale like. It'll snap beautifully.
Sinks in a KE but hey. Sounds cool too. When I grow up I may fly big
these pretty days are comming to an end.
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On Sun, 2 Nov 2008 22:36:02 -0600, "MJKolodziej" wrote in :
Sounds like a nice combination.
I was in Chicago over the weekend. Enjoyed Jet Blue, but I should have used Southwest instead. I just messed up all the planning for the trip from the get go.
Anyway, it was four smooth flights and I'm home. All's well that ends well.
75 degrees in Chicago on Friday. Very, very nice!
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Are you old enough to remember when you could get on a flight in Philly and fly all the way through on the same plane to Phoenix, AZ or Los Angeles? I really miss the days before "hubs" were put into place.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
On Tue, 4 Nov 2008 14:41:45 -0500, "Ed Cregger" wrote in :
Yes, I do remember those days.
I made a mistake in flying Jet Blue. I should have gone with Southwestern, which flies direct from Buffalo to Midway in Chicago. My bad.
But I enjoyed Jet Blue's new terminal at JFK. I got out my laptop and worked on e-mail and some other chores. I didn't have a laptop and airports didn't have free hotspots back before the hubs came into existence. ;o)
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Yes in hubs with FREE hotspots. Many cities have found that they can rip lots and lots of money from passers through by charging fees.
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But, don't you realize how horribly inefficient it would be to fly directly to the final destination? What would all those poor people with all that overpriced "airport food" do for a living? How would the aircraft fuel suppliers make a living if they didn't spend thou$ands in fuel driving around the airport? What would those big "Hub" airports do if they lost all those excess landing fees? (not to mention the terminal rental fees)
the whole system would collapse in chaos (as opposed to the current state of chaos in most of the "hub" terminals)
Flying directly to your destination would be akin to going to the doctor, and actually SEEING the doctor without spending 3 hours in the waiting room. Just imagine the chaos THAT would create.
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Bob Cowell

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