Applying Decals?

Hello, I am applying some letter decals to my new plane. They are the three
layer type. A cover sheet, a backing sheet and the decals in the middle. I'm
trying the Windex method. I peeled off the back piece and positioned the decal
over the Windex covered wing. I used a squeegee to remove most of the liquid.
My question is: How long do I wait to remove the cover sheet? TIA, Dan.
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Let it dry overnight, and squeegee it again, then peel the transfer tape (cover sheet) gently back over itself..
BTW: It's not good to use Windex or any other products containing ammonia to wet the gfx... They are detrimental to the adhesive on the graphics.. Use about two drops of cheap dishwashing liquid to a quart of water...
You want only enough soap added to to break the surface tension and make the water "sheet"... The cheap stuff is best as it has no perfumes or colorants... just soap.......
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Bill Fulmer
Actually I find it eaiser to apply dry using a peice of masking tape across top to position the graphic. As Bill said try not to use Windex as the amonia is detramental to the sticky part of the vinyl. Since you applied wet let it dry over night and the sqeegie again and dry another night. Should be ready by then to fly.
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