Ascent Sailplane

I am new to R.C. and bought a crashed/damaged E-flight Asent electric
sailplane. I must replace the "spinner" (this plane is missing the stock
one). The prop and motor checked out just looks bad. I
don't know how to find a replacement that will work with my folding
prob. I can't locate the company that manufactured the plane. Someone
suggested Hobby-Lobby...........but the sell many different spinners.
Any suggestions??
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TS Kelly
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Your local Horizon Hobby dealer can probably order the part for you. I don't know why you had trouble finding the manufacturer; all I did was type "e-flite ascent" (spelled correctly, it is written right on the plane fer crying out loud!) into Google, and I got a page full of places where I could buy the plane, a couple of reviews, and two or three discussion threads...
To make it aerodynamic, you want a spinner that blends in with the body of the plane. If you want to go the Hobby Lobby route, measure the diameter of the firewall, then order a "folding prop spinner" of the correct diameter.
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Mathew Kirsch
It's sold by Horizon
formatting link
Pick the 'Support' tab and you can D/L the manual.
Call their tech support at: (877)504-0233
Thermals, Doug
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Doug Dorton

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