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Hi All,

Just got a kit for a Senior Telemaster to replace the plane I rekitted, and didn't get any info from the Tech Guy at Hobby Lobby, so I figured I'd go to the experts. Anyway, this will be the biggest plane I've had, so a few questions. I want to do bolt on wings, but that seems easy. I also want to use separate servos for the ailerons.

Do I need ailerons the full width of the wing, or can I shorten up to 18-24 inches? Will a standard Futaba servo be strong enough for the job, rudder & elevator too? I have an 8 chan Futaba TX/RX so I would like to add flaps, separate from ailerons. Rather do this than combine flaps & ailerons in the 'puter. Gives me more knobs to diddle.

I'll be powering this plane with an OS61 2 stroke from the last plane, and am wondering if a 12 inch prop sounds right? Maybe a 12x5 or so??? Looks like a 12 inch will clear the ground easily. Thinking that 11x5=55 and 12x5=60, so pretty close for power. Any other ideas???

Once again, Thanks for all the ideas or comments.



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On Wed, 19 Mar 2008 15:27:49 -0700 (PDT), rich wrote in :

Shorter will work OK.

The plane will be flyable.

It will fly differently with more powerful servos.

Is the difference in response worth the difference in price? I think so, but YMMV.

Yes, it's fun to play with the extra control surfaces.

I've got a Hangar 9 UltraStick with flaps that can also do crow (droop ailerons, raise flaps--maximum drag).

I enjoy fooling around with the different flight modes.

I think of 12x6 as the standard .60-size prop.

So I'd move to 13x5 if you want more pull and lower top speed.

Let us know how it turns out!


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

******But, increase the chord by x2. Nothing worse than a lightly loaded flat bottom wing flying in the wind without sufficient authority to control the model.
******I agree with Marty that more servo power is better. Don't forget about using two more of the same type of servos to "double-up" on the rudder/elevator.
******Your engine will easily handle a 12x6-7 to a 13x5-6 without sweating it.
******Like, Marty, I'm interested in reading about your experiences. Just like talking models at the field.

Ed Cregger

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Ed Cregger

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