Battery cutting out

A while ago I asked what type of battery to use with 2 GWS EDF50 fans hooked
up in parallel. There was some question as to what type of draw to expect.
I finally had a chance to hook it up to a amp meter and determined it runs
at about 5.2amps.
I was testing with a 6 cell 500mah Nicad Pack and everything worked fine.
When I tried to use a 6 cell 350mah Nimh pack, the ESC would cut out at
about 4amps. Is this because the batterypack can't handle this much
current? How do you find out what the maximum current a cell type can take?
I didn't have a voltmeter hooked up, but I'm assuming the reason why the ESC
kicked out was because the voltage dropped from the pack at the 4amps draw,
is this correct reasoning?
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Normen Strobel
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Basically yes.
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The Natural Philosopher
NiMh cannot handle high currents like our NiCd's can...
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Joe D.
I knew that, but I thought they could they could at least handle 5 amps.
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Normen Strobel

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