Battery Cyclers (Home Built)

Hopefully, I am in the right newsgroup (?), if not I am sure some one can point me in the right direction.

I have just (re)started int this hobby, and as well as vuilding the glider, I'd like to build a battery charger / cycler. Has anyone done this, can they point me to the schematics.


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Thanks for this link!!!


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Pat Patterson

In my experience, the available schematics (and I have looked around quite a bit) are far more basic than any of the commercially available chargers. No matter what you want to spend, in terms of money and time, you'll find that someone makes a charger cheaper than you could build it; so don't do it to save a few pennies.

If all you want to do is slow charge and cycle packs for a gas-powered airplane, then look for an Ace Digipace I or II on eBay; either is a bargain.

If you are dead set on building, and can tell me what it is you need in the way of features, maybe I can point you in the right direction; post back here.

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