does any one have plans of 2 piece wing conversion on senior telemaster

Just purchased the senior telemaster from hobby-Lobby, as my cas is

bit smallish I would like to convert the wing into a 2 piece one, at th same time get rid of the rubber bands and convert to bolds aswell. Thanks a lot for any help patrick

-- patthecoo

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I'm having the same problem, though I will join the wings. Gonna be HUGE! Finished the two wings yesterday, and am working on the ailerons and flaps. Should get them hinged today, and maybe join the wings. I plan on bolt on wings, but have not designed that yet. Probably a plywood "probe" forward, and two 1/4-20 nylon bolts at the back.

Most larger planes I've seen with separate wings use an aluminum pipe as a main spar, then bolts to fuse to keep the wings attached. But those have been aerobatic mid wings. No dihedral. Here we have the dihedral to deal with.

I'll try and post when I get the wings farther along.


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I don't have the plans at hand to look at right now, but going from memory,

I seem to remember that this wing uses dihedral braces in two places, one at the main spar, and one further back in the wing I seem to recall an aft spar structure in this wing

IF it were up to me to make this a two piece wing, I would consider making new LONG dihedral braces either from 2024 aircraft quality aluminum or from some good quality birch plywood I would then beef up the boxed area around where the braces plug in so that they will not pop open under stress.

Remember, each wing half is going to be like a four foot long pry bar acting against your dihedral braces.

I chose to bolt my wing down I built in hardpoints in the wing just forward of the main spar, and near the back of the wing also, the wing bolts down to bracing installed in the wing saddle area. ( I use 4 1/4-20 steel bolts for the job )


Switching from rubber band attachment to bolt on attachment means that your stress points are closer to the center of the fuselage, so they will operate under a higher stress than banding the wing down way out at the edge of the fuselage. The change isn't much, but it is significant

Using a two piece wing also relies on the fuselage to keep the wing halves together, this works well under "normal" conditions, BUT snag a wingtip in forward motion, at speed, and you impart a hellacious amount of force trying to separate the wing halves.

I saw a plane open up like a banana from this effect.

the solution is simple, make the bolt attachment point in the fuselage, full width of the fuselage, AND use a tie strap made from 1/32 thick x 1 inch wide brass between the bolts that hold your wing down. You need a washer there anyway ;-)

One more thought.

FUNCTIONAL wing struts these are a simple effective way to take most of the damaging forces off your dihedral braces.



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Bob Cowell

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The ARF version comes with a two piece wing. There is not too much detail shown here but you can see the two spars. Also the PDF manual shows adding the functional struts.

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Refer detailed post at RC Groups:

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