Electric Powered Kaos

I was thinking of getting a Tower Hobbies Kaos with the brushless conversion combo. Where and what kind of battery would I need?


Bill L

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Bill Lederer
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I have one with a .46 in it. It's built like a tank, pretty heavy. I think I'd look for something lighter.


Bill Lederer wrote:

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Charles & Peggy Robinson

Bill, search EZone (ezonemag.com) for the article "AMP-lifying the Ace Cloud Dancer", which is a Kaos-like plane. It has the basics on choosing the best motor / gearbox / battery combo for the performance you want. However, 'leccys don't need the extra structural strength needed to keep the engine vibration from shaking the plane apart, and you might want to rethink the Kaos unless you want to take it apart and do a lot of hacking and chopping.


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