Epoxy and wood glue questions

Can you use wood glue to glue a piece of epoxied wood to wood? I'm guessing
not because the wood glue will neither absorb into nor stick well to the
epoxied surfaces. I'm asking this because I use epoxy on a few critical
joints, such as engine mounts and landing gear mounts. As a general rule,
any epoxied surfaces are epoxied to any other wood surfaces, even when that
tight of a bond is not needed. Anyone agree/disagree/comment?
Remember the old Scientific Zipper? It was one of my favorite planes, and
I've built so many that I can just about build one from scratch. It had one
major weakness - the landing gear was sandwiched between two pieces of 1/16
balsa, and all it took was one hard landing to break it. So today, I
sandwich landing gear between 1/16 plywood, and I epoxy the two together.
Then I epoxy the entire assembly into the wing/fusalage.
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I thought about that, but decided it was easier to mix up a bit of epoxy instead - I'm using the 5 minute stuff right now, and am quickly falling in love with it. Once I finish mixing, I have about 120 seconds to get it where I want it - I don't even have to clamp or pin, I just hold it with my hands. Set it down, wait a few minutes, pick it up and continue working on the piece.
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Agreed on both counts. I do limit it's usage to landing gear, engine mounts, and belcrank, basicilly just anywhere I really need the strength.
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A problem I came across with Epoxy is a chemical reaction when in contact with certain spirit stains that turns the stain a bright blood red, not sure why or how but when I stained some wood with Ronseal spirit stain the yellow pine colouring turned red all around the point where it met the Epoxy and there is no removing it after either as it goes right into the wood fibres,
regards, Terry
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Terence Lynock (MSW)

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