Freq. Tags for antenna

Is there a good/cheap source for the red flag and the frequency tag
which are to be on the antenna. I know you can get them from mfg's but
I think they are over priced. Any good sources or ways to make them my
self. TIA.
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Leo S
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Some guys buy those little round price tags with strings on them from a stationary store. They are about two inches in diameter with metal edges. Write on them with a Sharpie. This method is great for transmitters that can change frequency.
Good luck Gene
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Surveying tape is handy for the flag. It's dayglo orange and easy to see. If you know someone who is a cattle rancher, ask him for an ear tag or two. Just the right size to write your frequency on and more durable to boot.
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Morris Lee
Get some inkjet printable sticky stuff - CD label stock for example, and print yer won up on a color nkjet.
Spary some lacquer over emif used in wet conditons thop.
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The Natural Philosopher
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Get some of the red / orange caution type tape at Home depot or Lowes and write your number on it. I personally 'hate' those things hanging from my TX antenna and don't use them. I find them to be distracting, don't ask me why. I take the sticker numbers that come with them and stick them on the back of the TX. If your club practices good frequency control, the number hanging from the antenna is unnecessary. Fortunately where I fly, those antenna tags are not required. I don't know what I would do if they were required, I probably would start looking for another club. I really don't like those things!
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David Morris
I print my own on the computer, use wide tape to cover the tag and to attach it to the antenna, weatherproof and sturdy at the same time...
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In every instance where we have had a frequency "incident" there was no frequency tag on one transmitter. Coincidence . . . . ?
The tags are very easy to make on your computer - using them also gives you a lot better chance of getting your transmitter back if you accidentally leave it at the field. Tag should have Name, AMA, (MAAC or other country organization) and frequency number as a minimum. Print them out in colors of your choice, club logo or whatever your imagination calls for, then have them laminated and attach to your antenna. I make up one for each plane so when I switch planes with that transmitter I put the tag with the picture of the plane in the background under the frequency number. -- Red Scholefield AMA 951 District V
"David Morris" wrote in message
Fortunately where I fly, those antenna tags are not
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Red Scholefield

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