Futaba 6EX Charge Diode

A "real" 1458 is a low leakage diode, so if you used your meter correctly the odds are favorable you've found the right component...



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I'm trying to verify the location of the protection diode in the charge circuit of the Tower 6XM/Futaba 6EX transmitter. Futaba will add a "Poly Switch" allowing discharge through the charging jack but the cost including shipping will be close to $50. In the past, I've jumpered the diode on other transmitters with a small (1/2 amp or so) axial lead fuse which allows cycling through the jack and affords some protection.

There's a rectangular surface mount component on the circuit board directly below the charging jack which appears to be the protection diode, at least measuring it with an ohmmeter says so unless there's another diode hidden elsewhere. Can anyone verify that this component is the actual charge protection diode? It's a small rectangular surface mount block, black in color and identified only with the numbers 1458 and the only component on the visible side of the board directly below the charge jack.

Thanks for any help!


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RC Trost

Thanks! The Sirius web site does indeed picture the diode I described. Interestingly, they recommend using either a 36 gauge wire shunt of a 2 amp pico fuse soldered across the diode. Perhaps I'm being over cautious fusing at under 1 amp but my elderly Royal Tech R/C cycler discharges at 250 ma so

1 amp should provide plenty of margin. rct
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RC Trost

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