Futaba 9C Program Question

I have a plane that uses a lot of channels. It has dual servos for
both the elevator and ailerons. I am trying to program the elevator
using a mix of channels 2 and 5 (which is normally the gear channel.).
It won't work even though I turn the gear switich to null and make
channel 5 the slave to chanel 2. Is it possible to create this mix? I
know I can go to channel seven but I want to use that for something
else. I am also using 1 and 6 for the ailerons. Thanks
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| I have a plane that uses a lot of channels. It has dual servos for | both the elevator and ailerons ...
Unless you're actually making the elevator servos move independantly (perhaps you want them to help the ailerons?) just put them on a Y connector and run them off the same channel.
If one is backwards when you do this, you can either 1) change one linkage so it's not backwards anymore, 2) buy a small in-line reverser that goes between Y and servo (or is part of the Y) or 3) open up the servo and reverse the motor and pot and that reverses the motor or 4) if they're digital servos, you might be able to reverse one of them via a programmer.
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Doug McLaren
Try selecting the "elevon" function and plug the two elevator servos into the channels prescribed int he manual. Activate the function. Get each of the servo directions correct. In the elevon function set the elevator throw to whatever amount you want. Set the aileron throw to zero. Note that if you want some wild roll rates, use some aileron in the elevators along with your normal ailerons. When setting up your ailerons, use the "aileron differential" function. Makes two servo use on ailerons easy to set up. If you don't want differential (which you will unltimately want to use some), just set the up and down travel rates to the same amount.
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Tom Minger

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