Getting the Nobler Covered

Made some progress, it's in the "half-covered and ugly" stage.

With that color, maybe it'll always be ugly...

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Tim Wescott
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On Mon, 02 Nov 2009 16:34:54 -0600, Tim Wescott wrote in :

I call it "ugly insurance."

For some reason, the ugly planes last longer than the beautiful planes. :o(


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

The jury's still out -- I tried just the orange on a scrap, just black, black with an orange stripe, and orange with a black stripe.

The orange-only looks _bad_, but the black on orange is astonishingly cool, if definitely loud. Not only that, but SWMBO thought it looked cool, too.

I think the biggest problem will be if the expanse of orange on the wings isn't set off well enough by the black trim -- if so I suppose I can always put my AMA number on all four surfaces.

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Tim Wescott

That plane in the bones looks great. That is the same color I covered my Jr. Nobler in many years ago(but it was solarfilm). mk

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