greatplanes cessna 182 ARF......OS46FX OR OS52FX?

Hello all,
I have a chance to get an OS46FX or the 52 for my cessna 182 arf....
I have flown the 46 before on other planes... and is reliable but
i will be putting together the cessna but confused on which engine
to use. I have a 46FX(but i can put that on another plane) i'd have
to buy the 52, if it's the better engine for the job.. i'll buy one..
anyone have any thoughts on this?
thanks. Gig
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On 5/22/2004 1:07 PM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
Power wise, the 46FX is going to have a little more. Sound wise go with the 4 stroke. The 52 is also going to be able to swing a larger prop than the 46, though I don't think that will matter that much on that plane.
Bottom line.....Both will do the job nicely. Go with the 52 if you want the "scale type" sound. My personal choice would be a Saito 72. A little overpowered, but that is what they make a throttle for. ;)
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Ted Campanelli
hello, thanks ted.... perhaps i'll use the 46 fx for my seaplane... not sure yet thanks again..
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