Hobbico Superstar EP

HI there --
I am thinking about buying a Hobbico Superstar EP Select... and would
like to get feed back from those of you who have been flying one for
awhile. I have been flying at Hobbico gas trainer for some months
and really enjoy it... but I would like to experiment with electrics.
How long is the average flight time with the provided battery? And
have some of you had lucky with battery substutions... such as lith
Thanks in advance for your input.
Cheers, Bob
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I don't know what battery is supplied with it (if any), but a fellow club member has one. He uses a 2400mAh NiCd and gets around 10 minutes, just putting around.
Batteries for it are expensive, and the SS - EP doesn't have ailerons ....steer w/rudder only.
A better choice with far more capabilities is the HobbyZone Aerobird Challenger.......
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Jim L.
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Jim Lilly
The Aerobird doesn't have ailerons, either, but it wouldn't be that difficult to lessen the dihedral of the wing during assembly, and add strip ailerons to the Superstar. I've done it to more than one airplane designed for 3-channel ops, including the Kadet and Kadet Jr. It's a bit more difficult with a pre-covered wing to cut ailerons into the trailing edge, but with a little care, it _can_ be done.
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I won one of these birds..Nice little flyer but it does have its shortcomings. One, glue in the tail feathers, the bolt on system does not hold them well enough to prevent them from twisting. When they twist it wont fly correctly.(trim changes). It definitely can use a different prop or power setup than stock. I have not tried anything yet..but it needs more power ( i am new to electric). the radio system works fine.. the battery is used to adjust the CG and accomplishes this task well. Hope this helps you out. Mike
Bob wrote:
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