Jr servo and Rx question

Hello all,
I have a friend running the new Hanger 9 PTS P-51. With DS537 Digital
Standard Servos in the plane, with the R700 7 Channel FM Rx. We are wanting
to know if it is ok to run 6v on these servos and Rx. Thanks for the help.
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James Overman
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On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 15:23:03 -0600, "James Overman" wrote in :
Yes, it's OK.
But when you run a higher voltage, there is more resistance in the circuit, and the batteries will run down more quickly than a 4-cell pack of the same maH capacity running at 4.8 volts.
Keep tabs on the voltage of the packs for a while. You should learn from experience how many flights you can get before the voltage drop becomes critical.
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Oh oh. Here it comes. Would you like to reconsider that answer real fast.
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Aside from terminology (should be "more current" not "more resistance") it looks good to me, and the important part -- your batteries will wear down faster, and you should monitor your pack voltage -- is dead on.
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Tim Wescott
You're asking a basic question in electricity. First, you should check your literature regarding voltage on the servos. I'm pretty sure they're rated for 6V. If the servos are, then the RX certainly is assuming they're the same brand.
Next why would one want to use 6V over 4.8? The reason is for a faster transit time and more torque from the servos. This requires more current hence a higher voltage. Alway remember that it's the voltage or pressure that makes the current flow. If you need more flow, you need a higher voltage.
Finally, what is the downside to using a higher voltage? Obviously your batteries only have so much electrical fuel (mAh). A higher voltage will use up the capacity of your batteries faster. A solution to this is to use batteries with moe capacity or use an additional battery pack to increase the total capacity.
Mr Akimoto
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Mr Akimoto

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