Knofe Edge spin how?

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I haven't found two differently designed planes that use the same control input to get into one. The plane I do this with the most consistently is my Staudacher. I put the plane into a vertical climb at full throttle to altitude. I then bury the sticks in the top left corners, full throttle, left rudder, left ail, down elevator. The plane does one odd tumble, then does one horizontal flip, then enters the knife edge spin and stays there until I move the sticks. With this plane, this method is 100% fool proof. Note that I am not using the extreme 3D throws in this maneuver, but about 30 degrees throw on elevator and a little more on the rudder. At full extremes, I can't do it. It just tumbles oddly.
Wont work that way on my Hots. I do a hammerhead, and when the plane is horizontal to the ground, I hit down elevator and throttle, followed half a second later with the rudder and aileron inputs mentioned above. Works most of the time. Once you do it once with your plane, you'll be able to repeat it soon afterward. Your consistency will go up once you get a feel for what it wants.
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