Late Evening Flying

Or... "The Upside to Light Pollution." The wind died unexpectedly
this evening, so at about 7:15pm I went flying with one of the gliders.
Even with overcast, the sky stays pretty light around here, so as long
as I kept the plane within about 150' of me, I could see it clearly
(this one is yellow, which helps). The plane was pretty well-behaved,
and I managed to land it both times within 20' of me. The mosquitos in
the field were more of a problem than the quickly falling night, so I'm
thinking about equipping at least one of the planes for night flying.
The Commander 2, which I have yet to fly, has an "X-Port" that can be
fitted with a multiple LED spotlight that illuminates the underside of
the wing. Anyone ever see one of those in use? Anyone doing anything
with simple two-color LED setups, so you know which way the plane is
oriented? Think I'll revisit a night-flying site I found last month...
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