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Hi All, Does anyone know whether a one-piece aluminium engine mount would suppress the vibration generated by the OS.91 FX. If so, where to get it? I currently use the fiber-glass unit, but it doesn't help at all. Du-bros mount seems like the right application, but it's way to big for the cowl.



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solid aluminum will be worse than the nylon because it is more rigid making it transfer the vibration more efficiently

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Charlie H.

Aluminum mounts will transmit ALL of the vibration! Nylon mounts will absorb SOME of the vibration. Isolated mounts will absorbe MOST of the vibration.

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Paul McIntosh

2 things here ...cut with scissors some wide rubber band and place behind the mount in strips ....drill ya holes again and away you go...but dont over tighten the nylock nuts (ya should use ) but knowing the engine, have ya balanced the prop? usually works.

cheers n beers.

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OS makes an aluminum mount but it's $$$$.

Use a Hayes mount. Smaller than the Dubro.

Balance the prop.


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Don Hatten

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