long life storage?? - lipo batteries

I have just undertaken a strenuous expedition to investigate the
previously unexplored far reaches of my workshop and, after fighting
my way through vast heaps of assorted junk (I haven't a clue what
possessed me to keep half the stuff), I unearthed what I first thought
was a lost treasure chest - unopened since we moved house ten years
ago (and, to be honest, for several years before that).
After excitedly prising the lid off with my machete; among the broken
props (paint stirrers); dismantled servos (for spares); plans of
planes I will never, ever, now build; damaged bits of long gone
glo-engines; assorted pieces of plastic and metal (I thought they'd
come in useful one day); containers of fuel with funny-looking fuzzy
white lumps floating in it; together with a collection of dead
spiders, etc, I found some very ancient nicad battery packs (Rx, Tx
and electric flight). Most of these nicads were soaking wet and -
because the rest of the junk was bone dry - I assume the wet is the
batteries corroding and the contents leaking out. These, together
with the rest the contents are now consigned to the scrapheap (the
wife insisted)!!
However, in the past year or so I have been playing around with
(modern) electric flight and have acquired an assortment of LiPo
battery packs, which are either fully charged or are still "as bought"
and awaiting leads fitted. However, it occurs to me that, given the
dire warnings concerning LiPo battery packs, what happens if I
casually throw these into a drawer and forget about them like the
above nicads. Is there a danger of them eventually "spontaneously
combusting" or will they just gradually discharge and quietly expire?
What is the best way for long-term storage of lipo batteries?
Regards (shamefacedly)
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It is possible, but not likely they will ignit but they will PUFF up and become useless at some point if you don't store them at about 70% of their capacity.
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