Looking for plane kit

My father has been retired for a while and doesn't get around much
anymore. He is looking to build a model plane kit for the pleasure of
building it - this kit will not be flown. Although he is no engineer,
he is looking for more than a weekend project.
He is specifically looking to build a model of a Cessna 185. Does
anyone know where such a kit can be purchased?
Gary Weber
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Here is a silly suggestion....(and a top post to boot)
If his building skills are up to scratch (even if it takes him a model or two) why not approach a local R/C and offer to build/sell finished aircraft. Leave it up to the buyer to fit the radio gear, engine ets. He'd probably get a real buzz watching something he built fly (even if he didn't fly it himself).
Ideally, he builds what he wants and sells them to the club members. Some club members are fussy but if they are offered something decent and unusual in ARF form they will grab it....
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The Raven
I haven't discussed this with him, but I imagine something with a wingspan of 36 - 60 inches. Hopefully something with enough size to provide an interesting building process.
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