Mini Receivers - 35 MHz

Anyone used the Webra nano/pico type RX's on 35 MHz with electric
flight? Do they have decent range?
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I have 2 nano S6. Many people comply of their range and I have to confirm that. I used to put them in small, low cost models only.
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Jakub Mendys
The nicest of the simple bunch is the Jeti REX 4, at about 9g weight.
Not bad. Schulze do a good one too, but not used it.
Futaba micros is OK ish. Little bit prone to onterference.
GWS are OK ish, but prone to interference from other modellers.
Hitec feather is allegedly worst of all, getting one soon to see :-)
Not tried teh Webra - its re badged by various people.
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The Natural Philosopher

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