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I too thought the DVD offering letter was somewhat questionable while I was reading it. Thinking these guys are nuts with this. The next to last line eventually cleared the matter up that the AMA actually knew no one was under an obligation to do anything at all about buying or returning the DVD. My thought initially was that I would keep the DVD as a gift, however after watching it I am going to send it back. Even as a free gift it is just not something that I desire to keep. If the other DVDs cost more I don't expect sales to be very good.

Just my $ .02 worth, Charlie

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Charlie H.
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however after watching it I am going to send it back.

I think I will, too. Frankly, it bordered on boring. I can make a better DVD at local flying fields and fly-ins. I don't know what they're planning to charge for the others, but I hope the AMA/we don't end up having to eat a whole passle of them.

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This ain't something the AMA put on. It's something some marketeing firm did on behalf of the AMA, paying the AMA for the use of the logo and mailing list. The AMA would get a small cut of any profits made from the sale of the DVD.

That's gotta be what's going on. The AMA certainly doesn't have the resources to put out something like this.

Somebody look at the letter and address on the return envelope please. I'm betting the address to send payment to is nowhere near Muncie, IN, and neither is the return address.

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And a good portion of it is just recycled SKS video material.

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