Metal working DVD rental

Anyone rented Metalworking or gunsmithing DVD's from here?

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's their service? Karl

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I have rented several. First of all I should say that I found all those DVDs I saw very helpful. There are a few issues with the company, though:

1) On one occasion they sent me a visibly damaged disk. Although they did replace it, instead 2 weeks waiting for it I now had to wait 4. And it cost me twice the postage to return them (no free returns from Canada). A small sum but irritating. 2) They are frequently out of stock. This means that you may wait two weeks for the DVD or you may wait 4 weeks if it takes them 2 weeks to get it returned from somebody else. Not an issue unless they send it to you when you are away and thus have limited time to view. 3) Twice they hassled me for not returning the DVD on time *2 days after I got them*. I suspect that this is some sort of automatically generated mail but irritating nevertheless. They did not reply to my replies.

The next few DVDs I wanted to rent were marked as either "long wait" or "very long wait". I have, therefore, lost interest. I would like at least some control over when I receive the DVDs to view.

Finally, I regret now not owning the DVDs I have seen. Although I watched each about three times there are still things I would like to review now and then. I have, therefore, started to build up a library of my own purchasing from different sources.

Hope this helps,

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Michael Koblic

Thanks. I just bought a DVD I wanted for those reasons. I may still try renting some but I'll probably check the price to buy before I decide to rent.

Thanks Karl

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