Metal working in jersey channel islands?

Hello again all,

Well about a year ago I was right getting into metalworking and posted the odd time here. had a lathe a few tools etc. unfortuantely redundancy and a few other things hit hard and I found myself re-locating to a new job etc in the sunny channel islands. Not a bad move on the whole. Everything coming back the way it should again so...

to the point, i have my work shop stored away and i'm looking to un-pack it somewhere in jersey? I cant find a suitable garage with power etc and landlord that doesn't mind someone making a few chips in there.

Any one here from Jersey, channel islands or know of someone / some where i could re set up for an affordable monthly fee? Property rental here isnt cheap and beyond my means!

or am I out of luck for a few years??

all help / leads appreciated.


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Its very sad to answer your own message!


for anyone who is in jersey has the internet and likes metalworking..(jersey and metalworking are mutually exclusive from my recent experience). it can be done. I have found a workshop! gear is being shipped over next couple of weeks.

also now only a few days away from investing in warco BH600 and their univesal milling machine. last lathe was a mini one from chester and i hated their customer service so went for warco based on good things i heard and a bigger lathe based on limitations of mini lathe.

I am happy (pride before fall maybe )with my choice of lathe and tooling having had a year messing about with my mini lathe. but i have never bought a mill before.

i am going to go for collet chuck and set of collets to hold 6 -20mm threaded mills, 6 inch rotary table with chuck and tail stock, clamping kit , coolant system. anyone think of any tooling for the mill you'd get first off that i have missed. although im pretty over budget so far.

i appreaciate the warco universal is a heck of a mill for a first time purchase but im thinking long term investment and i have been working very hard to earn the pennies and im eager to get cracking again.

i'd appreciate being made aware of any blindingly obvious omissions re mill tooling.

other than that its credit card, order, await delivery, get on with it.



sim> Hello again all,



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A friend and I have been bowled over by the sucess of using ER type collets in the mill. Previously we used a Posilock collet chuck for threaded cutters and separate drill chuck in the conventional way. But the constant change-over was a bind. The ER collets seem to hold extremely securely and take threaded and non-threaded milling cutter, drills, centre-drills etc.

A really chunky milling vice is used a great deal.

Wilfrid Underwood

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Wilfrid Underwood

A good milling vice

One of those electronic edge finders - got mine on special offer from J&L and wouldn't be without it

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Norman Billingham

Thank you for the advice regarding collets and a chuncky vice much appreciated. I think chronos are going to be the tooling supplier and warco the equipment supplier.

coolant system from axminster, pretty darn cheap from new i think.

Now just got to figure out what size of rotary table to go for now.

best regards,


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