Muffler Design

Anyone know a good reference for muffler design for gas model engines? Need
an in cowl muffler for an RCS 140.
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Clifford Norris
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Just make a tub 14 times stroke volume minimum and a stinger outlet of about 60% exhaust port area this is no rocket science. Larger volumes work better, if you can accomodate them. Vulume rule does not include extra muffler sections. cheers, Pé
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pe reivers
What ever container you use should have thicker walls than a soup can because the thin walls will just allow much of the offending sound to pass thru much like a drum head. Some of the cigarette lighter butane cans worked quite well as also some of the thicker aerosol mousse cans. Bigger the better but too large makes the walls weak and transparent to the sound. At any rate, unless your system is fairly tuned it may cause a lot of hp robbing backpressure.
Phil AMA609
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