need info on this plane Carl Goldberg Eaglet

Carl Goldberg "Eaglet" RC airplane plane was in storage for 20 years or so covered and protected Owner said it was prolly from the 70's it has a Veco 19 muffled/throttled motor on it.

Any info on this?


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What'cha wanna know? The Eaglet is a balsa kit trainer that's been around a LONG time. It flys well on most engines from a .15 to a .32. The Veco used to be a good engine. If it's not too gummy or rusty, you might be able to get it running agian. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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I was at the flying field a few years ago when this gent came up to me & asked me if I wanted an airplane, thoughts of a basket case crossed my mind. I was going to send him over someone else as there were a few other flyers there but then I thought about it again & replied "lets see what you got". As we walked out to the parking lot I was still thinking BASKET CASE, we arrived at his car & he pulls out a brand new Carl Goldberg Eaglet all built & covered with a brand new Irvine .25. He said this was his first plane he built (He was into model cars & trains), he said he just enjoys building & was done with this project & it needed a home. I had about $50.00 on me so I offered it to him but he would'nt take anything for it, said he gets all his enjoyment from building them. So I came home with a new never been flown Eaglet with a new never been run Irvine .25 installed in it. A few days later after I installed a radio system in it I fired up the new engine, I think he had an APC 8x5 prop on it. The engine started right up & after about a minute I had this engine screaming, this is one strong engine. After about 30 seconds at full throttle the verticle stab fell right off! Upon inspection it was not enough glue, repaired the stab & went over the entire plane, everything else looked good. He built it as a three channel(no ailerons) & covered in Monokote white with light blue trim, great covering job. I wanted ailerons so I cut them out of the wing, hinged them up & put them right back in. The wing had tons of dehidral so I cut the wing in half & glued it back together so the wing tips were about 1 inch up from the table. A couple of guys in the club said to use mini servos but all I had were standards so thats what went in. Flys great, just like any other trainer, floats forever on landings. Been meaning to make some floats for it, should be great off the water. Sorry this is getting long winded, What info you need on this plane?


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I built and have been flying an Eaglet for a while, great, flys like a kite. Here is a pic:

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info you need?

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The Eaglet is a great flying , very easy to build trainer. They've been around for a long time and a few years ago the Eaglet and Eagle

63 were the most popular trainers at my club. They used to sell for 39.99 and I see that the price >Carl Goldberg "Eaglet" RC airplane
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Ken Day

The plane I built as an adult was an Eaglet and I used a Veco .19!

still have the engine and the spare Veco .19 I bought at the sam time.

That was a great airplane and a great engine. As I said above, I hav two Veco .19s and plan on buying more as I see them for sale

-- skid296

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